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Has your debt problem gotten out of control? Are you sick of your creditors' attempts to collect money that you simply do not have? Do you need a fresh start?

Understand Your Debt Relief Options

I am Clermont bankruptcy attorney Joel L. Gross. With more than 10 years of experience, I can guide you toward a solution to your debt problems. I have helped hundreds of individuals and families in central Florida file personal bankruptcy. I can help you too.

There are different types of bankruptcy, including:

The type of bankruptcy that is best for you depends on a variety of factors. What are your goals? Is keeping your house a priority? What debts do you need relief from?

Unsecured Versus Secured Debt

Debt can be broken down into two categories: unsecured and secured debt.

Unsecured debt is debt that is not secured by collateral. Common types of unsecured debt are credit card debt and medical bills. Unsecured debt is the easiest to eliminate.

Secured debt is debt that is secured by collateral such as a home loan or car loan. This debt is somewhat more challenging to deal with, but my experience allows me to find options to overcome even the most difficult debt problems.

Some debt is either nondischargeable or very difficult to discharge. Student loans and tax debt fall into this category. If you are faced with this type of debt, I can help you understand your options. I can also address the issue of home liens.

Life After Bankruptcy

My goal is to help you overcome your debt and set you up for future financial success. I will educate you about how to rebuild your credit. I will discuss important issues, including bankruptcy and your retirement. I will answer all your questions.

For more information, review these bankruptcy frequently asked questions.

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