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Clermont Burglary And Property Crimes Lawyer

I am Joel L. Gross, an attorney defending people accused of burglary and property crimes in Clermont and throughout central Florida. As a former law enforcement officer, I come to these cases with a unique perspective. I know how to find the flaws in the case against you and build a solid criminal defense strategy to minimize the penalties you face.


Burglary, sometimes referred to as breaking and entering, is defined as entering a premises without permission with the intent to commit a crime such as theft or assault. Burglary can also be charged when someone is given permission to enter a premises, but stays on the premises when he or she is asked to leave or no longer has permission to stay. Burglary may be charged alone, but it is often combined with a charge such as theft or assault. As your lawyer, I can defend you against all crimes you are accused of.


I defend against theft charges such as retail theft or shoplifting, auto theft and more. I also defend against charges of robbery. These cases, as well as burglary cases, can be complicated, particularly if there is video evidence of the crime being committed. Even when the odds seem stacked against you, I will defend your rights.

Other Property Crimes

In addition to theft and burglary, I can also defend against other property crimes, including arson and vandalism.

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