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Clermont Domestic Assault Lawyer

If you have been accused of domestic assault, you probably already understand the severity of the criminal charge against you. You may be the target of a restraining order that has caused you to leave your home and stay away from your children and family, and that is only the beginning of the life-changing repercussions you could face if you are convicted.

I am Clermont domestic assault attorney Joel L. Gross. I understand the emotional and complex nature of domestic violence allegations, and I am well-versed in creating defense strategies designed to help you move past this and move forward with your life.

Did The Alleged Victim Intend To Press Charges?

It is not uncommon for allegations of spousal abuse or a domestic violence charge to arise from a misunderstanding. Perhaps an argument escalated. Perhaps there was mutual pushing and shoving. Perhaps the police were called in the hope that they would simply come and sort things out. Unfortunately, that is not the way police respond to these calls. More often than not, when they arrive at the scene, they will make an arrest. They are not interested in sorting things out, and charges will be filed even if the alleged victim does not want them to be. Suddenly it becomes necessary to enlist a lawyer to straighten things out.

In these cases, the prosecutor may not be willing to drop the charges, even if the alleged victim makes the request. I understand the steps that need to be taken to defend the accused against unwarranted domestic violence charges.

Domestic Violence Defense Strategies

Even if the odds seem to be against you, there may be defense strategy available that can lead to a better outcome. Maybe you were merely acting in self-defense. Maybe nothing happened at all, and the allegations are false. I will use my extensive experience to defend you, keep you out of jail and keep you in contact with your family.

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