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Clermont Fraud And Identity Theft Crimes Lawyer

I am Clermont fraud and identity theft crimes attorney Joel L. Gross. People facing these criminal charges throughout central Florida can turn to me for skilled representation. I am a former law enforcement officer. I know how police and prosecutors build these cases. I know how to find the weaknesses in the evidence and the case against you, taking great care to build a strong criminal defense strategy designed to obtain the best possible outcome.

Fraud Charges

I defend against all fraud charges, including:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Real estate fraud

These cases can be very complex, involving allegations of forged documents and forged signatures. There may have been a thorough investigation conducted by law enforcement involving wiretaps and more. With my extensive experience, I know how to navigate large volumes of technical evidence. I am not intimidated.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is considered a type of fraud. It can come in many forms, but typically involves using someone else's personal information to use a credit card, cash checks, withdraw money from a bank or make purchases online. I am skilled in handling cases involving single accusations of identity theft, as well as more complex cases involving allegations of stealing and selling multiple identities, social security numbers, bank account numbers or other information. These are serious white collar crimes with serious repercussions that demand the attention of a trusted lawyer. Let me protect your rights.

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