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Stop Garnishment in Florida

Stopping Clermont Wage Garnishments

It's not an uncommon occurrence in Florida: You receive a court notice that a creditor has filed a lawsuit against you for collection of a debt. You put the letter aside, hoping the problem will go away. A few months later, you find out that your wages or even your bank account has been garnished to pay the debt.

I'm Joel Gross, a bankruptcy lawyer in Clermont, Florida. Few people have even heard of the term "garnishment" until it happens to them. If you have received notice of a garnishment, I offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your situation and explain your options.

What Is a Garnishment?

When a creditor sues you for collection of a debt, the court can issue a judgment against you. This judgment will be issued by default if you don't show up in court to defend yourself.

Using this judgment, the creditor can garnish your wages. A notice of the garnishment will be sent to your employer, and a portion of your salary will be paid to your creditor each pay period until the debt is paid off.

Your creditor can also garnish your bank account, which will cause tremendous inconvenience for you. Once a Florida bank receives an account garnishment, it will freeze your account. Your checks will bounce, and you will be unable to use your ATM card.

Can I Stop a Garnishment?

Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to a wage garnishment. While your creditor can keep any amounts it already garnished, no future deductions can be taken from your paycheck.

If your bank account is garnished you need to speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney quickly.

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