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Driving With A Suspended License In Florida

Drunk driving, fleeing the scene of an accident and other traffic violations can lead to driver's license suspension. Some people whose driver's license is suspended are eligible for a hardship license that allows them limited driving privileges. If you have been caught driving outside of the limits of the hardship license, or you do not have a hardship license, you will be charged with driving with a suspended license.

The penalties for driving with a suspended license are serious. If this is your first offense, you likely have to pay fines and jail time is a possibility. Your driver's license will be suspended for an additional amount of time. If this is your second offense, the fines will be higher and the chance of jail time will be greater. On the third offense, the charge becomes a felony and the penalties are much more severe.

You Can Fight Suspended License Charges

I am suspended license attorney Joel L. Gross. I have extensive experience helping people in Clermont and throughout central Florida fight criminal charges. When you choose me to represent you, you can be confident that I will explore all of the available options to minimize the consequences you will face. Even in the most challenging cases, there are often options to explore that could lead to a better outcome.

In addition to helping you fight these charges and minimize the term of driver's license suspension, I will help you get a hardship license if that option is still available. I understand how critical driving privileges can be, and I want to help you keep them.

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